The Colours of Autumn …

Autumn is possibly my favourite season of the year – the colours, the sunlight, the long shadows all combine to produce an abundance of beauty, that is, when it’s not raining! We have just returned home from a week in Northumberland where the autumn colours were showing off to stunning effect. We were really lucky with the weather and managed to miss out on the ravages of the recent storm. I’m looking forward to painting later on today but will leave you with an image of my ‘holiday scarf’ – the colours of the wool are absolutely gorgeous, these were the colours of our holiday:


Waste no Wool …

I had been thinking for a while about how I could use up the various scraps of wool that I have left over from different blankets, scarves and snoods. I have tried crochet but have not succeeded ¬†with it yet. I am persevering with it but I have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle it. What I was after was something that wouldn’t be too taxing, that I could do in front of the fire & tv in the evenings. Suddenly, it occurred to me – bunting! Yes, maybe life is too short to knit your own bunting however, I think it’s a great use of leftovers. Here’s what I’ve knitted over a couple of evenings this week:

Knitted bunting!Hopefully, by the time I’ve used up my leftover wool, I’ll have a length or two to hang up somewhere.

A New Idea for a New Year …

I don’t usually do New Year Resolutions but I’ve decided to have a go this year with reference to my blog. I will attempt to post at least 3 times per week, once about painting, once about food & cooking and once about knitting and/or crochet.

So, here goes. I have spent the past couple of evenings knitting a small blanket/throw. I was tempted by the beautiful colours in this wool. It is a wool that is normally used for knitting wavy scarves but I wanted to see if it could work as something flat :

The stitch was as follows:

cast on a multiple of 2 plus 1

first row: p1 *k1, p1*, repeat from * to *

second row: k1 *p1, k1*, repeat from * to *

row 3: purl

row 4: knit

keep knitting till you have something the size that you want it, or until you’ve run out of wool, as I did!

I used size 20mm needles which are fab at enabling me to create something very quickly.

It’s Snood Time …

I knew the temperature was due to drop towards the end of this week but I had no idea that the snood that I started knitting on monday would be ready in time.

I love knitting with BIG needles, the knitting quickly grows and the end result is usually so soft and warm. My snood took just 3 days to complete with 32 stitches per row and each set of rows being either garter stitch or stocking stitch. There was a fairly random pattern of 10 rows garter stitch, 10 of stocking followed by 8 of each then 6 of each etc. I say the pattern was random because I did go wrong a couple of times!

Anyway, here it is – and it is incredibly warm:


Four 100g balls of Rowan ‘big wool’ (100% Merino Wool) were used.