Textile Tulips…

Yesterday I attempted this picture but for several reasons it just did not work, I think maybe I was rushing, forgetting completely that I’m only just beginning to learn what my sewing machine (and my imagination) can do. I therefore started again this afternoon. My aim was to create a canvas which would sit happily in our front room (red needed to feature) and I think my aim has been achieved. For the first time, I changed some of the settings on my machine, I even changed the foot to a button hole foot which meant I was able to appliqué the tulip flowers to the background material. As before, I began with a neutral calico which I then spray painted, using doilies to create the detail:



Tulips with a Twist …

I LOVED creating this canvas today, it really was great fun and combined aerosol spraying, sewing, stapling and of course, tulips. I’ve seen this style used on a table runner and wanted to have a go on a much smaller scale, just to see what it would look like, this is the result:


Keeping Things Simple …

I had a couple of trials at very simple pictures last week, using a very limited palette and no ‘flourishes’, swirls are anything else that could potentially detract or hide. I stuck to an old favourite, tulips and this is what I came up with:



I’m really pleased with these, although I did have to stop myself from adding a few details and I really do like the colour schemes. The pens that I am currently using are truly beautiful.

Tulips, an Abstract …

Yet again I’ve been inspired by Rolina van Vliet. In her ‘Abstracts 50 Inspirational Projects’ she uses colour, shape and texture in an extraordinary way. I chose to follow her instructions for a simple design called ‘Flowers’. I looked particularly carefully at her use of colour and whilst I didn’t want to copy her colour scheme, I wanted to make mine similarly dramatic, hence the use of orange oil pastel in my painting of tulips:

Feeling blue …

It’s been a while since I painted something floral so I decided that today was the day. I’ve been trying out some different blues recently and thought they would work really well as tulips:


I painted the background first and then sprinkled some salt over it – once it was dry, I scraped the salt off. I really like the effect that was created by the salt soaking up the paint. I’m also really pleased that the colour of the tulips allows the paint that is underneath, to show through.