Is it a Bird …

What began as a sketch of a bird, turned in to an abstract of a bird and a tulip. I think I’ve been influenced by the range of floral birds that I’ve seen in various magazines recently. This was my own take on this interiors trend – I may well try something similarly floral and bird like again soon but for now, I’ve got this current fashion out of my system!



Pastel in Purple …

I’d forgotten how much I like using pastels. It’s been a while since I’ve used them to create a complete image. I resorted to an old favourite, the tulip, and this is how it turned out:

Pastels will I think, be a great way for me to do quick drawings prior to recreating them in watercolour – I need to be much better organised if I’m going to create all the images that I’ve got in my head!!

Has Spring Sprung?

I ask because I’ve had an almost overwhelming urge to paint spring flowers. The garden seems to be coming back to life and there’s a real sense of winter coming to an end. How short-lived this will be remains to be seen, so it’s worth making the most of it while  it lasts.

To contain this floral urge, I’ve painted a snowdrop and a tulip. The snowdrop is inspired by a photo of such a flower in my mum’s garden. I drew a picture of it last night with my watercolour pencils, this afternoon, I painted a more traditional watercolour:



This tulip was inspired by some that I have on my kitchen windowsill: