The Shadow of a Tree…

Having the time, energy and the inclination to paint today was fab! Despite the rain and the hail (yes, it is nearly July), it was great to be back in my corner of the ‘shudio’ (shed/studio). The past month or so has been manic for a variety of reasons and so I really appreciated being able to slope off for an hour or so to paint.
I returned to a favourite idea – sunset colours, a tree and the use of salt – and this is the result:


I have a few ideas for my next painting, hopefully I’ll be back in the shudio again soon.


Tree ..

My son had his art homework to do today and so, I joined him in painting in sepia tones. His work is a stunning portrait of a native American which isn’t quite finished yet. My sepia painting of a tree is less stunning but I enjoyed myself nonetheless:

Sewing a Sunset …

If you have been following my blog for a while (thank you!), you may have noticed that sunset colours and tree shadows feature quite often. Yesterday, I decided to have a go at stitching something along these lines. I began with a neutral piece of calico onto which I sprayed graffiti paint, using a simple stencil/doily to create interest. I then cut the calico into strips and rearranged them until I was happy with their order. The strips were then quickly sewn with my machine. Much as I wanted to sew the tree with my machine, I knew that I’d find it really hard to stitch it accurately so I spent an hour or so yesterday evening stitching it on by hand:


I think that this may work equally as well in a range of blues and in a range of greens – I might just have to give them a go …

Trimming and then Trying a Tree …

I spent much of yesterday afternoon trimming our laurel shrub that was no longer a shrub, it was definitely more of a tree. The consequence of it having grown completely out of control was that a great deal of light was blocked from reaching our garden and our kitchen, I only realised how much light had not been getting through once I’d literally cut it down to size. My youngest helped me by pulling branches down as they were sawn off. I think we cut down more than half the height of the laurel and whilst I was worried that it would end up looking very bare, it has turned out to look ok. Once we had finished sawing and chopping, I spent half an hour trying out a simple tree design:

I think this would work well in a variety of colour combinations, hopefully, I’ll try some out this week.

Two Posts in One Day …

A sure sign it’s the school holidays!

This first painting is a much larger version of tree & owl combinations. I did initially try a different colour scheme but really didn’t like it, so I reverted to one similar to one I’ve used before, only this time I graduated the colour from the base of the painting to the top:

This next painting had bobbing boats at Bristol docks as its inspiration, my oldest son had a sailing lesson recently on the orange one :


Tree – mendous …

I’m loving painting at the moment. I can paint outside, in the sunshine and the paint dries quickly enough for me to not have to wait too impatiently!! I hadn’t intended to use a similar colour scheme to my birdhouse that I painted yesterday but as the colours mixed on the paper, it turned out that way:

I used watercolour pencil for the tree, white oil pastel for the swirls and watercolour paint for the rest of the painting. I painted this on A5 paper – I think this style would lend itself well to larger paper for a bigger impact. That may well be tomorrow’s painting sorted.