Butterflies …

I have a bit of a thing about butterflies at the moment and spent the afternoon making them out of paper:




You’ve been framed…

I decided today to frame a couple of my paintings. Before doing so, I wanted to see how they would look if they were embellished in some way with some beautiful paper that I bought yesterday from Hobbycraft. I went to Hobbycraft to see if they sold a webbing type of material for my son’s karate suit, I came out with 2 books of gorgeous paper, a small guillotine, some glue and a book entitled ‘the unique artist ¬†– inspiration and techniques to discover your creative signature’ and no green webbing!!

I spent some time yesterday evening playing around with the different styles and colours of paper and settled on a very simple yellow paper to accompany my flowers painting and a beautiful red paper to set off my rooftop sunrise painting:

I spent a while cutting the paper and layering it, I felt this painting needed some element of texture to enable it to work well framed.

A quick trip to IKEA this morning meant that I was able to pick up some very reasonably priced but suitable frames, all I need to do now is find somewhere to hang them.