Walking on Sunshine …

Inspired by the brilliant sunshine that we’ve had recently, I did this painting after work today. Using a couple of filters means that I now have three versions! The colours were taken from the floral paper in the foreground:





Hare Today …

This is the first of hopefully many paintings done in our ‘shudio’ (see my previous post for an explanation if needed). My father in law really likes hares, it’s his birthday on Monday so I thought I would paint him a hare which I’ll print out and mount for his birthday card:


A Cup of Coffee …

I do love a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning and maybe one or two more later on in the day. I enjoy (maybe I should get out more!!) the ritual of grinding the beans, plunging the cafetière and maybe adding a small amount of vanilla syrup as the coffee is poured. I therefore decided to use this ‘coffee’ theme when painting and abstract still life this afternoon. The outlines were done with white oil pastel, the rest was done with watercolour paints:

As this was my first attempt at this style of painting, I’m reasonably happy with the result, I will however have another go next week, I think that next time I will use fewer ‘props’ so that the overall painting is less complicated.


Tulips, an Abstract …

Yet again I’ve been inspired by Rolina van Vliet. In her ‘Abstracts 50 Inspirational Projects’ she uses colour, shape and texture in an extraordinary way. I chose to follow her instructions for a simple design called ‘Flowers’. I looked particularly carefully at her use of colour and whilst I didn’t want to copy her colour scheme, I wanted to make mine similarly dramatic, hence the use of orange oil pastel in my painting of tulips: