Psychedelic Finn …

The picture that I started yesterday was finished this morning. I’ve used my lovely dog Finn as my inspiration again, this time he’s had a monochrome treatment :

and here he is in colour:

and this is Finn in the flesh:

Finn Cushion …

The amazing Cath Kidston has been known to use templates of her Lakeland Terrier Stanley, in her sewing. Having bought her small but wonderful ‘Sew!’ book yesterday, I decided to see what I could do today, adapting her Stanley so that he resembles my own Lakeland, Finn:



He now sits in pride of place in our front room!

Two weeks, too short!

Well, it’s almost the end of our 2 week Easter break and whilst it feels like it’s been a lovely long holiday, it would be lovely if it were to last even longer! I’ve achieved my goal of doing something creative during each day of the holiday. I’ve learned a lot but most of all I’ve had fun.

It’s been a busy day today, we’ve cycled down to Bristol Docks and yes, there will be another painting based on what we saw there, coming soon! I’ve made what looks like an amazing chocolate mousse, French style, which we will have for tea later (photos and review to follow later) and I also spent over an hour this morning grooming my crazy dog, he does look smart though. So smart in fact that I took loads of photos of him in the garden, which I then added a filter to on my mac:








Getting the subject to be still …

my crazy but adorable lakeland terrier

During the summer, whilst I was trying out some different arty techniques, I had a go at using pastels. I decided to stick with the soft pastels – the oil ones looked too permanent for someone of my lack of experience and skill. I was looking around, trying to find inspiration in the back garden, when suddenly it bounded up to me, dropping a tennis ball in my lap. Yes, I chose my dog as the subject and this is the result:


He really is a beautiful dog and his fur has some stunning contrasts within it. He is mainly black and tan but there are hints of red in there as well as some almost white.