Going Round in Circles …



I’ve been inspired by the ‘Sketchbook Challenge’ by Sue Bleiweiss. I have a watercolour book which will serve as my sketch book as I intend to watercolour my way through her challenges. The first challenge is entitled ‘Circles’ and I decided to begin with some simple flowers made with circles:

Flower CirclesI also had a go at something similar on ‘artboard’ :

circlesWhilst I do prefer the more random nature of the freehand watercolour, I enjoyed using artboard as it enabled me to try a variety of colour palettes  – it was only once I had finished my trial run on artboard that I drew and subsequently painted the watercolour above.


Awesome Artboard …

I’ve been having some fun with my new programme ‘Artboard’. There seems to be a lot of scope for creating some amazing images. I am taking my time though as I know that if I don’t, I’ll just become frustrated with myself.

Here are my latest images:

spring flowers With this first one ‘Spring Flowers’, I was practising layering different colours with different opacities – I wanted to be able to see the petals underneath.trio of tulips I posted about a tulip a few days ago, today though I wanted to make the colour gradually lighten towards the tip of each tulip – I think this technique has worked well for this type of flower.dandelionFinally, I did a quick free hand drawing of a dandelion type flower, here I wanted to see how different line thicknesses would effect the overall image.

Artboard – it’s been fun experimenting with you but now I must stop, there’s a meal to be cooked for tonight and lessons to prepare for this week!!

A Bit of Trial and a Lot of Error …

I’m so pleased I’ve managed to work out how to post images of designs that I’ve done on Artboard, a new programme that I downloaded yesterday. Now all I need to do is remember how I did it!!

I’m trying to follow the tutorials that are linked to the programme but it is good to just have a go and see what can be done.

This tulip was done earlier today, I like the fact that I can change the opacity of the colours so overlaying petals can be seen:


This image was done yesterday, it was my first attempt at using artboard and I stuck to using the ready made templates:

art spring 1I’m going to watch another tutorial now and then I’ll have a go at something else!!

Mixing media …

Following on from the relative success of the pictures in my previous post, I decided to have a go at mixing my media. First of all I painted the background, once this had dried I drew a very simplified version of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on top. I used a photo I had taken during our last visit, just over a year ago. I then took a photo of this and downloaded it on to live brush, on my computer. After much ‘playing’, this is the end result:

Not only do I have this copy on my computer, but I also have a canvas with the background and the Arc de Triomphe drawn onto it, maybe, if I have time tomorrow, I’ll see if I can create another picture, just using paint this time.

A bit of trial and error…

in fact, more error than anything else! I’ve been learning to use ‘live brush’ on my computer and tonight for the first time I’ve managed to ‘create’ (and I use that term loosely) a couple of images. I’m still struggling with getting the colours exactly how I want them, but I am pleased to have reached the point where I had something worth saving:


The second picture looks somewhat different to the original that I saved on live brush, clearly I have a lot more learning to do!