Feeling blue …

It’s been a while since I painted something floral so I decided that today was the day. I’ve been trying out some different blues recently and thought they would work really well as tulips:


I painted the background first and then sprinkled some salt over it – once it was dry, I scraped the salt off. I really like the effect that was created by the salt soaking up the paint. I’m also really pleased that the colour of the tulips allows the paint that is underneath, to show through.


Happy Mothers Day …

I hope that all mums out there but especially mine, have had a lovely Mothers Day today. In honour of you/us all, I painted some more flowers this afternoon.  For my inspiration I used a yellow-orange gerbera that makes me smile each time I see it, it’s like a ray of sunshine in my kitchen:

My painting today took several hours – there were so many layers of colour, each layer being more intense than the last. I used cadmium orange as my base, viridian, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson and lemon yellow were each then added to separate pots of the orange.

I wanted to add some patterned paper (am liking my forays in to ‘water collage’) to further enhance the colours. I chose the stripy  pattern as I saw it as being the complete opposite of anything floral, I like the contrast it creates.

So here you are, a virtual bouquet of sunshine:

Fun with Flora …

Having been pleasantly surprised by how the background to this blog looks now that it is framed, I decided to attempt another floral painting. Many of the plants that I have in my garden have interesting foliage, I’m not really a ‘flower’ kind of girl. That said, since I’ve been learning to paint (all of 7 months), I’ve been taking much more of an interest in the colours, shapes and patterns that I see all around me, this includes the few flowering plants that I have in my garden. This painting represents the hellebore plant that I have next to the steps in my front garden. The flower bed is higher than the path to my front door which affords me a gorgeous view of this beautiful flower each time I come home:



I know that this painting is not ‘botanically’ accurate, far from it in fact, but it does make me smile and it reminds me that Spring is just around the corner. If one of my paintings can do that for me then I’d class it as a success!