Abstract Garden …

What began as the swirls on the trunk of our eucalyptus tree turned in to an abstract impression of some of the textures and shapes that I can see in our garden :



A ‘Flare’ for a Flowery Photo …

I took a few photos of flowers today, the Fritillary is hidden in the front garden and there is just the one lonely flower! The rose is in a vase on the kitchen windowsill, having been bought this morning:

I then used a programme called ‘Flare’ on my computer to play around a bit with these images. I do think the flowers are beautiful in their own right but it was fun to see how these photos looked once they had been digitally altered.

Here are my 2 favourite results:


With each of the photos I tried to enhance the natural beauty of the flowers – I really like the light in the photo of the fritillary, it shines through the delicate pattern on the petals. I think that the rose looks almost ethereal, as if it would be blown away by the merest hint of a breeze.