New, for Fishfest 2014 …

It’s that time of year again, this Saturday is our very local and very fantastic Fishfest Arts Market, from 11am. In order to show something new I’ve used photos of some of my favourite places in Bristol. This is a small trial run to see what people think – I’ve used my own photos which I’ve then adapted:










I’ll certainly use some of these myself, I hope others like them too!

Using Maths in Art …

Borrowing my husband’s compass and reacquainting myself with the art of using a protractor has meant that I’ve been able to create a circular image. I tried really hard to limit the colour palette here but it was hard!

Over the next two weeks I’ll be preparing for this year’s Fishfest Arts and Crafts Market. I did really well last year – this year I’ve been able to source some more reasonably priced cards as well as some A5 prints of some of my paintings. I’ll be putting the cards together over the next few days and will post about them once I’ve got some to show off.

Fishfest and Baking – a Recipe for a Fun Weekend …

I applaud all those who came to the Fishfest Festive Fair yesterday – the weather was foul. I’m not sure I would have braved the rain had I not been a stallholder. As it was, loads of people came and whilst most wanted to spend as little as possible, they did at least come and even in these financially difficult times, they did seem to buy from most of the stalls. I was happy with my sales and may also have an order, it was certainly worth running from the car to the hall and back again in the pouring rain, several times.

We’ve had quite a quiet and chilled out day today. We spent some time wandering around Bristol, doing a little Christmas shopping here and there. I didn’t get the urge to bake until nearly 5pm – not a good time to bake something that we would then have for dessert!! Due to lack of time and of eggs (must go food shopping tomorrow) I decided to make Viennese Fingers and Anzac Biscuits. Not a traditional combination but one which worked surprisingly well:

As you can see, the chocolate hadn’t set but we ate them nonetheless!

Fishfest’s Festive Fair …

I’ll behaving a stall at my 3rd arts & crafts fair, on saturday 24th November. Click here for further details. As it’s a late afternoon/early evening event, it will hopefully be both well attended and quite mellow – there will be mulled wine available! It’s hoped that the great range of stalls will enable people to do much, if not all of their Christmas shopping.

I’ll be selling prints of my paintings:

Various original paintings and cards:

Some Christmas cards:

Butterflies in box frames:

and lots more!

Wow, what a weekend …

It was Fishfest yesterday and it really was fantastic. This is the 3rd year of Fishfest and it was the best yet. Over 1000 people came along, listened to the bands, shopped at the farmers market, learned new circus skills and browsed in the arts market.

Here’s my stall:

There were about 20 stalls in the arts market, the atmosphere was lovely and most of the stall holders seemed to have a successful event. It was a very long day, I was shattered by the end of it but the feedback, sales and orders that I had made it more than worthwhile. I hope to be back next year 🎨


(Almost) Ready for a Fantastic Fishfest

It feels like an age since I even looked at WordPress, never mind posted something new. Many apologies to all those who’s lovely blogs I regularly read, like and comment on – I will catch up once Fishfest this weekend has been and gone, I promise!

Much of my time over the past couple of weeks has been taken up with the whole ‘back to school’ thing – for myself as well as my boys. Anyway we’ve all settled in well to the new school year which has left me with enough time to prepare my stock for my stall at Fishfest this coming saturday. This will only be my second arts event and I’ve been keen to ensure that I’m selling stuff that people will genuinely like and hopefully buy. I’ll therefore have a combination of original paintings plus individually painted cards which can then later be framed by their recipient, if they so wish. I’ll also have a few butterfly themed items which I hope will go down well :