Canadian Bridge, part 3 …

This is my final painting of this bridge in Canada. It’s been a useful experiment to paint the same subject in 3 different styles. Out of the three, I definitely like the first one the most. It just goes to show that initial thoughts regarding how to paint a subject can be relied upon.

In my painting today I combined use of salt, white oil pastel, watercolour paint and patterned paper:


Sunlight over a Hillside …

The orange lines in my previous post were not growing on me at all, in fact they were beginning to annoy!

Initial thoughts about how to improve them centred around covering them up but I thought that I would just end up making them look worse. Instead I went for enhancement, using chalk pastels. I used a combination of raw sienna, yellow, orange and white which I then blended. I really like this painting, now that it has been ‘tweaked’:

Mixing ideas …

I was lucky enough to have the luxury of painting in the garden for what seemed like several hours today. I can’t believe how long this painting took me, it looks quite simple really:

In this painting, I have tried to use a variety of techniques, from using salt in the sky to using both paper and white oil pastel to highlight different areas. I’m not totally convinced about the orange lines within the green but hopefully they will grow on me.