Canadian Bridge, part 3 …

This is my final painting of this bridge in Canada. It’s been a useful experiment to paint the same subject in 3 different styles. Out of the three, I definitely like the first one the most. It just goes to show that initial thoughts regarding how to paint a subject can be relied upon.

In my painting today I combined use of salt, white oil pastel, watercolour paint and patterned paper:

Same Bridge, Different Angle …

The photograph that I used to inspire today’s painting was taken from inside a moving car as we crossed this bridge in Canada. Perspective was important here, so I really concentrated hard at getting it right. I have ‘skewed’ the angle of my painting so that I only had to get the perspective right for 1 side of the bridge rather than both! Is that cheating or can I get away with using a bit of artistic license?

I’ve used the same colour palette as yesterday but today, the colours were more muted. ¬†Sepia was the base colour to which was added alizarin crimson, cerulean blue and yellow ochre.

Caledonia Bridge, Canada …

It was lovely to start this painting yesterday and complete it this morning. I’ve been putting off painting since returning from our holiday because I didn’t quite know where to start – we saw so many amazing places.

I decided to start with where our holiday began. This was a bridge that we crossed many times during our stay in Canada and it always looked stunning regardless of the weather and the time of day:

I think I will try similar images in different styles over the next few days, it’ll be interesting to see which I prefer.