Life’s a beach (hut) …

I had some of the lovely beach hut material left over from when I made some napkins a few weeks ago (click here to see them) and decided to use it to make a panel for our bathroom window. Now that we are experiencing some warm weather it’s lovely to open all the windows and let the breeze through the house – we can now open our bathroom window but maintain privacy, a plus for us and our neighbours!!!



Free as a Bird …

We’ve spent today at a friend’s house, sitting outside, enjoying the sunny weather. Their house is high up on a hill and the view from their back garden is amazing. There’s a real sense of openness there, there’s ‘big’ sky and wonderful vistas. This is what has inspired me to paint on my return home:

This is the third painting in a mini series of paintings whereby the colours and how they blend and mix is the primary focus. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed painting them and will certainly be doing more in the future.

Over the next few days, I’ll be planning some purple butterflies for a possible commission!!

It’s all about the colour…

In my determination to not focus on the detail of the things that I paint, today I went totally extreme and came up with the following painting:

Puttsborough is a beautiful beach in North Devon. We spend a lot of time here and all of these colours each represent something about our holidays spent in and around the North Devon coast, whether it’s colours of the stunning sunsets we often sit and watch, or the colours reflected off the sea on a beautiful summers day.

Clearly it’s not a very technical painting to have done, but it was lovely to spend the time just concentrating on the colours, making sure that each one followed on logically from the other. The painting itself was very relaxing to do and I particularly like the way the colours have dried in a very subtle but (I think) eye-catching way.