Textile Art …

This is my first attempt at combining sewing with art and whilst I’m not completely happy with it, I think it’s ok as a first attempt:




A Lightbulb Moment …

This picture has taken me several weeks to complete, partly because it’s a busy time of year and partly because I was wary of working on it once the daylight had gone. Time was made this weekend for more work to be done – my son had some art homework to be working on too so it meant we were able to work side by side.
Finishing touches were done today, I’m really pleased with the final result.
Here’s my ‘Lightbulb Moment’:


In a Doodle Daze …

I began this picture a few days ago and have enjoyed adding to it each day. My favourite aspect of it is either the ‘rays’ coming from the sun or the lilac checked hill with the heart flowers growing up it. I can see many influences from previous paintings that I’ve previously done: the collage balloon; the hills; the sun’s ray and the swirls. I wasn’t sure that so many different things could work in one image but I’m really happy with the result:


I think my next challenge will be to use similar tones throughout a picture whilst having lots of detailed pattern and ‘zen doodle’ throughout.