A very Happy Birthday!

It was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to recieve not one but two new sets of paints. They look pristine and very professional – two things that I am not! I feel very spoilt by my boys to have been given such lovely gifts. All I have to do now is get over my fear of ruining their perfection by using them!!

         We’ve decided to visit our fairly  local arboretum this weekend in the hope that I can get some lovely autumnal photos that I can then turn into a painting.                                              


Flower power

This is one of my favourite paintings that I’ve done during my very short life span as some kind of artist. It’s by no means perfect – doesn’t that lend paintings a certain kind of charm?!

Flower power

I love the depth of colour that is achieved by adding each layer of petals and the ‘happy accidents’ that gave the background to this painting, a beautiful mix of colours. I do feel like a bit of a fraud though as these stunning colours are not of my doing at all!

mmm, cake!

It’s been a frustrating day really, time I had hoped to have this morning to start a painting, didn’t materialise at all. I hope to have some time tomorrow. Instead of putting something new on here, I thought I would add some more cake photos. I made and decorated these cakes over the past few years and I can remember the amazed look on each of the faces of those in receipt of them.

Tom and Jerry


Pretty in Pink

Wild about animals

Floral display