Walking on Sunshine …

Inspired by the brilliant sunshine that we’ve had recently, I did this painting after work today. Using a couple of filters means that I now have three versions! The colours were taken from the floral paper in the foreground:





The Shadow of a Tree…

Having the time, energy and the inclination to paint today was fab! Despite the rain and the hail (yes, it is nearly July), it was great to be back in my corner of the ‘shudio’ (shed/studio). The past month or so has been manic for a variety of reasons and so I really appreciated being able to slope off for an hour or so to paint.
I returned to a favourite idea – sunset colours, a tree and the use of salt – and this is the result:


I have a few ideas for my next painting, hopefully I’ll be back in the shudio again soon.

Sunset …

I had a lovely half hour in the ‘shudio’ (shed/studio) after work today. Even though it’s only a very short distance from the house, it really does feel like somewhere I can recharge my depleted batteries at the end of the day!

A simple sunset is today’s offering, focussing on the opposing colour mixes of blue/green and red/orange: