Me and my blog

Hi, I’m mum to two wonderful boys and wife to my lovely husband, I am also a teacher by profession. My mum is very artisitic and her parents were before her. I should be artistic, I should be creative and I like to think that I am a little, but I really do have to work hard at it! I used to run my own food business, this was perfect when my children were very little, now however I have regained my love of teaching and am lucky enough to work part-time in a local school. This gives me enough time to indulge in my increasingly demanding creative side.

I love to cook and bake. My love of cake decorating led me to dabble with water colours. My love of teaching led me to learning how to knit. Following the gift of a sewing machine from my husband, I’m now learning to sew.

This blog is aimed at anyone who tries really hard to be creative and who, like me, doesn’t always succeed!


29 thoughts on “Me and my blog

  1. I too have a very talented mother that does it all, painting, knitting, macrame, anything she wants and she does it well. It doesn’t come easy to me. I am right now attempting to learn how to do mosaic. I haven’t been able to find a class so I am trying on my own. I am enjoying your posts, thank you!

  2. My man and I work part-time in a school too ~ but as cleaners! This gives ample time for our creativity ~ art for him; writing, crochet and paper crafts for me. I think it’s always hard work to get going but I love that moment when inspiration flows, without thought or effort. Don’t judge your work too harshly, or compare yourself with others ~ it’s great! Lovely to meet you, in the Blogoshpere! 🙂

  3. First of all I would like to say what a great combination of talents you have!
    Second of all, thank you so much for your ‘follow’. I am honored and delighted.
    And one more thing – Your watercolors are WONDERFUL!

  4. We like your paintings! We are opening our gallery which is a sister co. to the magazine on Wed. Aug.1st. We have chosen a few artists to represent and you are one of them. if you would like to talk about it please contact us through the magazine site. The gallery site will not work until Wed.

    Thank you,
    Stacia Gates

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I’m working lots at the moment too & look forward to getting back in to arty things. Thanks for visiting and for commenting, I hope you find some creative time too 🙂

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