Wonderful Weekend …

We didn’t have much planned for the weekend but it’s turned out to have been a pretty good one. Yesterday, my husband and my older son went to see the Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, this left my younger son and myself with a day to ourselves.
We began by having breakfast at the Thali Restaurant, Easton, Bristol. We both had their coconut and banana pancakes with honey:


We spent the rest of the day shopping and film watching and finished it off with our second visit of the day to the Thali restaurant, this time to fill up our tiffin tin with delicious curry:


Today, myself and my husband went to visit Jekka’s herb farm herb farm, just north of Bristol. There was an open day today – it’s not normally open to the public – and we bought some delicious looking herbs as well as a yummy recipe book:





The herbs are, from the top: Silver Sage, Black Peppermint, Zi Su Egoma (I’m not sure either but it’ll be fun finding out!) and Apple Mint.

I’m really looking forward to trying out some new recipes from this book:


Lunch today was a very simple bread & cheese affair followed by a completely spur of the moment raspberry and strawberry roulade:



We are loving the weather at the moment and eat outside at every opportunity – loving the summer!


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend …

  1. Wow, this was almost a gardening post ! I’m not surprised you enjoyed visiting Jekka McVicar’s herb garden and am sure you came away really inspired.

  2. That does look like a wonderful weekend – so many different experiences packed in there ! I am fascinated by your Tiffin Tin. When I googled it, found that there was a quartet of Indian restaurants in N.London called The Tiffin Tin. Will have to keep that in mind …..:-)

    • Rosemarie, the tiffin was wonderful – fragrant rice in1 compartment, tarka dahl in another and a veg curry in the third. The top layer contained our choice of curry, this weekend it was lamb koftas, next time we will either go for the southern Indian fish curry, or the chicken curry. The tins are insulated and the food stays hot for about 40 minutes. I’m wondering whether we could make our own and take it out for a curry/picnic!


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