Tattoo Style with a Twist …

I wanted to see whether I could take a tattoo design and make it ‘softer’ and a bit more blurred.
This is the result:



Table Runner …

Yesterday, I began to make a table runner, based on an idea that I’d seen in the Liberty, Simple Sewing Book.
It involved aerosol paint and doilies as well as some squares and circles of complimentary fabric, having found some lovely material at the weekend, it was time to give it a go.
I’m very pleased with how this has turned out, I’m wondering whether I could use this style to make some curtains …




I especially love the balloon fabric!

Jammie Dodgers …

The shop bought biscuits taste yummy, surely a home made version wouldn’t even come close? I like a challenge but, as it turned out, this wasn’t much of a challenge at all. Having looked through various cook books, I decided to look online and found this recipe from Karen Burns-Booth over at Lavender and Lovage.
This recipe blew the shop bought version out of the water – the shortbread itself was (yes, was – they’ve all been eaten now …) deliciously buttery and crumbly, the addition of vanilla extract left a lingering taste, a hint of vanilla that smelled better than any pricey eau de cologne, simply delicious.
I made half with strawberry jam and half with raspberry, hard to say which was the tastier of the two but think raspberry might just have had the edge.



Sewing a Sunset …

If you have been following my blog for a while (thank you!), you may have noticed that sunset colours and tree shadows feature quite often. Yesterday, I decided to have a go at stitching something along these lines. I began with a neutral piece of calico onto which I sprayed graffiti paint, using a simple stencil/doily to create interest. I then cut the calico into strips and rearranged them until I was happy with their order. The strips were then quickly sewn with my machine. Much as I wanted to sew the tree with my machine, I knew that I’d find it really hard to stitch it accurately so I spent an hour or so yesterday evening stitching it on by hand:


I think that this may work equally as well in a range of blues and in a range of greens – I might just have to give them a go …

Textile Tulips…

Yesterday I attempted this picture but for several reasons it just did not work, I think maybe I was rushing, forgetting completely that I’m only just beginning to learn what my sewing machine (and my imagination) can do. I therefore started again this afternoon. My aim was to create a canvas which would sit happily in our front room (red needed to feature) and I think my aim has been achieved. For the first time, I changed some of the settings on my machine, I even changed the foot to a button hole foot which meant I was able to appliqué the tulip flowers to the background material. As before, I began with a neutral calico which I then spray painted, using doilies to create the detail: