Foiled by the Weather …

I came home from work, full of good, arty intentions, sadly the wild weather that we are having put paid to those plans. I went into the studio to find that not only has the rain come inside again but also, as soon as I sat down, the gusts of wind blew almost hard enough to blow the door off its hinges. I quickly decided to return to the relative safety of the house and to save those arty thoughts and ideas for a calmer day!
Instead, I’ll post some foodie photos. Last sunday was the 1 year anniversary of the death of a truly lovely friend. As a celebration of her life, her husband and daughter invited various friends and relatives to their home for drinks and cake – she would have approved I’m sure. I took a plate of baked goodies:

From the left are chocolate brownies, coconut macaroons and flapjacks. We had a lovely time, it was great to meet up again in Leslie’s honour.

Monday was mine and my husband’s 25th anniversary of ‘getting together’, we celebrated at the weekend by going out for dinner to ‘Loch Fynne followed by seeing ‘West Side Story’ at the Bristol Hippodrome. Our meal out was delicious – the best bit for me was the Lobster Spaghetti, absolutely gorgeous. On Monday however, I wanted to cook something special and decided on a Lebanese Lasagne followed by a Spiced Chocolate Tart. The lasagne was interesting, it was warmly spiced and the sauce went over the top of the meat sauce and lasagne sheets, it was a white sauce that then had ricotta cheese, mozzarella and parmesan cheese dotted all over it. This was then topped with a combination of breadcrumbs, more parmesan cheese, oregano and cumin:



The chocolate tart was spiced up with cardamom seeds, cloves and black pepper. It was tasty, if very rich following the lasagne! It definitely tasted better the following day though, once the flavours had had a chance to mingle:



As only small slices of the tart are needed, there’s still some left for us to enjoy this evening, yum!


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