Lebanon and Leon …

Two of my favourite Christmas gifts were unsurprisingly cookbooks, one from my husband and one from his parents. My parents-in-law came for lunch today and I decided to use my two new books for our meal.

Our main course was taken from ‘Lebanese Kitchen‘ by Salma Hage. This is a huge tome of a book, full of a delicious range of recipes. We had the Lamb Meatballs with Lebanese Flatbread:


The meatballs were mildly spiced with cumin and cinnamon and they were gorgeous, far more ‘flavourful’ than our usual meatball recipe. The book contains several kofta recipes, I look forward to trying them all out so we can decide on a favourite.

The flatbreads were skilfully made by my 11 year old son, he is particularly good at kneading bread dough with his elbows!

To follow, we had Lemon Slices with Raspberry Coulis and cream:

The recipe for the Lemon Slices was taken from ‘Leon Book 3, Baking and Desserts‘ by Claire Ptak and Henry Dimbleby. I’ve cooked quite a few recipes from this book and they have all been really tasty. You can’t really see it in this photo but the lemon curd-like mixture in the middle was really gooey and was slightly caramelised around the edges – most of us had second helpings and there’s just enough left for a taste tomorrow evening.



Is it too Early for Thoughts of Valentines Day?

I’m sure that I’m actually a lot later than the majority of card designers but nevertheless, I think that now is a good time for me to be thinking about possible Valentine’s designs. I’ll be working on a new idea this coming week but for now, have been looking at using some older designs but in a new way:



Over the next week or so, I’ll be looking at some other ideas and will hopefully find a few designs that could work well as cards.

Happy New Year …

It’s a bit late I know but I wish everyone ‘wordpress related’, be they readers, followers or bloggers, a very Happy 2014. We’ve spent yet another day being bombarded by rain and wind, we were in real need of some sunshine. For us, our sunshine came in bowls and in a bottle:


This lemongrass cordial was made prior to Christmas and still tastes light and refreshing. Our dinner this evening was a Prawn Biryani, one of our favourite prawn curries – the key I think is in the spice blend: shallots, garlic, fresh ginger, cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamom seeds, turmeric, coriander seeds and a finely chopped chilli:


To finish, we had the most amazingly light Lemon Sponge. The recipe was from my new ‘Leon, Book 2, Baking and Puddings’ which my mother-in-law gave me at Christmas. I’ve tried a few recipes from this book (including Coconut Macaroons which I made yesterday, honey was included in the recipe and they tasted incredible, I’ll have to make them again just so I can photograph them) and each one has worked really well. This sponge pudding has an element of soufflĂ© about it, it’s really light and the lemon hit givs it a real zing:


So, whilst we’ve had non-stop rain today, we’ve had at least a small ray of sunshine in terms of food. Hopefully tomorrow will be little less wet!