Baking with my Boy …

An afternoon baking with my teenage son was a real treat today. Together we prepared dessert for tomorrow’s lunch (Baked Alaska), a Chocolate and Orange cake (his choice, I’ve never made it before but it is delicious – definitely one to make again) and chocolate digestives.
The star of the afternoon was the Chocolate and Orange cake:


This is a very light sponge where half the mixture has cocoa and milk added and the other half has orange juice and zest added. Once out of the oven I used a skewer to put holes all over the cake, I then brushed an icing sugar and orange juice mixture all over the top. As this seeped in to the cake, I dribbled melted chocolate over the top.

Making individual Baked Alaskas for dessert tomorrow meant that we could try very mini versions today! I made the raspberry ice cream yesterday and the lemon sponge base this morning. All we had to do this afternoon was make the Italian meringue. I’m really looking forward to the ‘full’ version tomorrow as the little taster that we had tonight was yummy!

The digestives were a quick treat for my husband as they are his favourite biscuits, we stamped them with
the instruction ‘eat me’ and then coated the other side with chocolate:



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