Another Foodie Catch Up …

As part of my French teaching last week, I taught 55 10 year olds how to make pancakes. All of the instructions were in French and whilst the children worked, I prepared them a pancake each on my camping stove. The teaching of cookery/domestic science/food technology is not a high priority here in the UK, the consequence obviously being that we are sending young people off in to the big bad world, without the capability of feeding themselves, buy ingredients or stick to a budget. It was truly lovely to watch their faces as food was prepared in front of them, one child said ‘I’ve never had a home made pancake before, mine always come from Tescos.’ It would be great if the learning and enjoyment of cooking could be instilled in young children – it would literally set them up for life.

Rant over!
It was my youngest’s 11th birthday at the weekend, he had some friends stay for a sleepover and as they were all in the group of children for whom I had prepared pancakes, they wanted pancakes for their sleepover supper !! They also had home made pizza and of course, birthday cake. My son really enjoys listening to music so it was only right that his cake should incorporate this is some way. Here is the result:



As you can see, it was a double Victoria sponge cake, ‘adorned’ with a pair of icing headphones. He was very pleased with it.

In other foodie news, I made some sultana pinwheels for the book group that I attend:


A couple of weekends ago it was the amazing Abergavenny Food Festival. We have been going every year for the past 4 years and it has become a firm fixture in our calendar. Not only did I meet the inspirational Dee Hardwicke (more of this in a future post, once I’ve completed her pattern for wrist warmers) but we also tried a huge range of food. We’ve been avidly watching the BBC2 series ‘The Incredible Spice Men’ and we spotted Cyrus Todiwala. I now have a signed copy of their book to accompany the series and last week we tried the ‘Masala Meatballs’ All I can say is ‘WOW’, they were indeed incredible. There were so many spices going on in this dish, both in the meatballs themselves and in the sauce, the flavour combinations were simply stunning. These recipes seem to not be for the faint hearted but a dash of natural yogurt and some bread to accompany the meatballs worked perfectly:


That’s it for now, I hope to be posting some new artwork in the next few days, if it all goes to plan. I’m also going to ‘encourage’ my head teacher to include some more cooking on our curriculum!


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