A Tasty Tagine and a Tempting Tart …

We had a lovely day pottering around at home yesterday which also meant that I could take my time preparing our food. I turned to ‘The Trifle Bowl and Other Tales’ by Lindsey Bareham for the Tagine recipe and to ‘Leon. Naturally Fast Food’ by Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent for the Tart recipe.

‘The Trifle Bowl’ is a lovely book, its premise being to associate particular recipes with specific utensils, bowls and cooking equipment. I’m a strong believer in food triggering happy memories and this book certainly relates to that. I think that my mum still uses the trifle bowl today that was used when I was growing up and I did always love a good trifle. Yesterday, however, I wanted to find a recipe that would enable me to use my tagine. I’ve not used it for ages and literally had to clean the dust off it before it could be used. This Lamb Tagine recipe was amazing though, I’ll definitely be using my tagine again soon. I’d found the green olives and the preserved lemons at my local supermarket but no matter how hard I looked, I could not find any ‘Ras al Hanout’, the Morrocan spice blend required for this recipe. A few minutes with Google soon changed this and I was able to create my own using one of the 100s of recipes for this blend that I found online. We had our Lamb Tagine with Couscous and it was delicious:

To follow we had a Tarte Tatin, using our own home grown apples. We have a small apple tree which has had 2 extra ‘trees’ grafted on to it. Our cookers have been brilliant – this tarte only used 2 of them, the rest have been wrapped in newspaper and stored until we need them. One of the other types which is an ‘eater’ is looking good too but the third type has not produced anything at all this year. I will have to seek advice as to why this has happened. Anyway, back to the Tarte Tatin, it was as gooey and sticky as I’d hoped it would be:


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