A Cheating Peking Duck …

I’m sure it’s a complete insult to refer to this as bearing any resemblance to an authentic Peking Duck, however, the flavours were so reminiscent of the delicious Peking Ducks that me and my family were treated to when I was a teenager that I can’t help myself.
The basic recipe came from ‘Leon Book 2’ which is an amazing collection of extremely quick recipes. I added the wraps as a Chinese pancake alternative:


The duck breasts were seasoned and roasted for 20 minutes, whilst they rested, I prepared the lettuce, cucumber and spring onions. Hoisin Sauce and Plum Sauce were decanted into bowls and the wraps were warmed through. Plates were licked clean – I think the meal was a success !

This is the second recipe that I’ve cooked from ‘Leon, Book 2’, both from the first half (recipes that should take roughly 20 minutes from start to finish) and both have been super tasty and quick to prepare. I’ll definitely be using this book once we are all back at work and school next week.


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