A Trio of Temptation …

When we were in France on holiday, we took my aunt and uncle out for a meal. The food was absolutely amazing – it was a fantastic choice of restaurant. Each mouthful was a real taste sensation. I took photos of all courses but somehow forgot the final coffee course. Coffee was served alongside a plate of the most delicate looking cakes I have ever seen. There were Madeleines, Rose Meringues and Chocolate Brownies. I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at making ‘delicate’ cakes but as soon as I realised that we had eaten these without me having photographed them, I promised to make them once we had returned home.
Last week, when a friend came for dinner seemed like the perfect opportunity to make good on my promise:


My boys informed me that these were ‘just as good’ as those that we had in France – a real compliment I think. We have long since finished the meringues and the brownies but the madeleines are still going strong, a full week later.

Here are the others courses from this delicious meal:

First we had an apéritif, this was a shot glass of beetroot purée mixed with cream, served with the tiniest piece of toast, mackerel pâté, celery and tomato:


As a starter myself my aunt and my boys had ‘salmon three ways’, smoked salmon, salmon mousse and salmon tartare. My favourite of these was the salmon tartare, it tasted amazing:


My uncle, a real fan of seafood, had the oysters:


My husband had the snail soup! What was even more amazing was that my boys each had a snail and they all said that they were ‘surprisingly ok!’ I’m not sure any of them would order snails again but they did like the soup:


Now, onto the main course. Some of us had the veal which was meltingly delicious:


The rest had the duck:


For desert we had the crème brûlées:


I had these little pots of deliciousness and whilst they were all real tasty, I’m still not quite convinced about the middle one which was green and minty – it was a bit like eating toothpaste!! The other two more than made up for it though.

The raspberry crumble proved really popular:


My aunt’s soufflé was the largest I have ever seen:


Last but my no means least, my son’s apple desert both looked and tasted amazing – apple, caramel, ice cream and the lightest puff pastry was a winning combination:


All in all this was an incredible meal and it was the perfect way of thanking my aunt and uncle for putting us up during our holiday.


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