A Painting, a Pizza and a Plant or two …

Having not painted for a couple of weeks, I was determined to at least try this weekend. Yesterday, once the boring stuff was done (supermarket, washing, cleaning etc, etc) and thanks to lots of help from my boys, I was able to spend a very lovely hour or so painting. I used the colours that I could see around me, for my inspiration:

Home made pizza and garlic bread was our tea last night. I’ve made a few of these recently but have only made them for when the boys have had friends round. We enjoyed ours, sitting in the garden, enjoying the last bit of warmth from the sun.

We have had a lot of rain over the past 2 weeks so, as well as painting, yesterday was the first chance I’ve had in a couple of weeks to check on whether the seeds I planted in our very tiny greenhouse, had sprouted. I was amazed to see that indeed they had:

Think I’ll be thinning these over the next few days.

I mentioned last time that I was trialling different meals in preparation for my parents’ birthday lunch next weekend. I’m happy to say that the menu is now planned and I think they will both really enjoy it. I can’t say any more at this stage as my mum reads this – you will all have to wait till next weekend !


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