A Newt, a Fish Pie and Magnolia in Bloom …

We found a (dead) newt in our back garden yesterday, I was amazed at the range of colours on his belly and so painted an image of him from underneath:

Here are some shots of him:

IMG_2835 IMG_2838My other painting this week was of a dragonfly, it was lovely to flick through a range of papers to complete the picture:

IMG_2827I have a small magnolia tree/plant in our front garden, I bought it several years ago and this is the first time there’s been more than 1 flower on it. The flowers really are beautiful but have never lasted very long so I took several photos of them, this is my favourite:

IMG_2820I’m really glad I did take photos of these lovely flowers as the next day a fiercely strong wind blew them all away!! Fortunately there are now some more buds ready to come into bloom.

Food-wise, we began the week with a fancy fish pie. I never knew that fish pie could indeed be fancy but fancy it was. I used the recipe in Katie Quinn Davies ‘What Katie Ate’ (probably my favourite cook book at the moment) and it was delicious:

We rounded the week off with a Victoria Sponge cake, decorated with whipped double cream, raspberries, melted white chocolate and a scattering of preserving sugar:

flare-iphoto-export-388232242It was fully appreciated by all:

IMG_2851Towards the end of the day yesterday, there was gorgeous sunlight, just hitting the top of the garden. I was sitting on a bench with my camera and was lucky enough to get the following shots:

flare-iphoto-export-388232448 flare-iphoto-export-388232554




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