Shu, shu, shudio …

Apologies should be given for the title of this post, bearing in mind that I’ve never been a fan of Phil Collins nor his music. We’ve been having our Easter holiday for the past to weeks and this week we built our new shed/studio (hence the name ‘shudio’ as decreed by the boys). We were really lucky with the weather in that it didn’t rain on us, it has been mighty chilly though and we were all in hats, scarves and gloves earlier this week when we were putting the shudio together. It arrived on Tuesday afternoon, it was built on Wednesday, on Thursday I painted it (in the snow, in April?!) Today we added some finishing touches. I was also lucky enough to do a painting in there this afternoon, more of which in my next post.
Back to the shudio, it has a barn style roof and double doors opening out onto the garden, my half is the window side, so I get plenty of light for painting:







There’s even a comfy spot for this fella:



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