Awesome Artboard …

I’ve been having some fun with my new programme ‘Artboard’. There seems to be a lot of scope for creating some amazing images. I am taking my time though as I know that if I don’t, I’ll just become frustrated with myself.

Here are my latest images:

spring flowers With this first one ‘Spring Flowers’, I was practising layering different colours with different opacities – I wanted to be able to see the petals underneath.trio of tulips I posted about a tulip a few days ago, today though I wanted to make the colour gradually lighten towards the tip of each tulip – I think this technique has worked well for this type of flower.dandelionFinally, I did a quick free hand drawing of a dandelion type flower, here I wanted to see how different line thicknesses would effect the overall image.

Artboard – it’s been fun experimenting with you but now I must stop, there’s a meal to be cooked for tonight and lessons to prepare for this week!!


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