Waste no Wool …

I had been thinking for a while about how I could use up the various scraps of wool that I have left over from different blankets, scarves and snoods. I have tried crochet but have not succeeded  with it yet. I am persevering with it but I have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle it. What I was after was something that wouldn’t be too taxing, that I could do in front of the fire & tv in the evenings. Suddenly, it occurred to me – bunting! Yes, maybe life is too short to knit your own bunting however, I think it’s a great use of leftovers. Here’s what I’ve knitted over a couple of evenings this week:

Knitted bunting!Hopefully, by the time I’ve used up my leftover wool, I’ll have a length or two to hang up somewhere.


7 thoughts on “Waste no Wool …

  1. a woman after my own heart! I am coming to terms with my obsessive need to use and re-use every little bit of yarn, fabric, patterned paper etc. I even keep all the ends of yarn i cut off after sewing up, and my grandchildren use them for collage or to augment their fuzzy felt pictures.
    Love the bunting idea!

  2. Nice work Rachael! So easy to end up with a cupboard full of oddments. Our local council has a call for yarnbombing work, so I might donate some of my bits to that if I can’t take part.

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