Foodie Friday … a Day Late …

I’ve been trying out lots of new recipes recently. It’s been fun tasting new combinations of flavours plus a few old favourites, cooked in a new way.

I’m beginning my foodie post this week with a dessert that was a combination of poached pears, madelaines and a dash of cream. The pears had been poached in cider with some star anise and a cinnamon stick a few weeks earlier. I’d never made madelaines before and I think they came out a bit more spongy than they are supposed to but they tasted lovely and were incredibly light:


Last Sunday was very cold and damp, we needed something warm and cosy for lunch. This month’s ‘Delicious’ magazine had the perfect recipe which we have renamed ‘Brash Pie’. It’s simply a combination of onion, bacon, grated cheddar, an egg and some mashed potato. I added some goat’s cheese too which was a yummy addition:

As we had some poached pears left, I decided to make a trifle! I have always loved a trifle at Christmas time so this was a real treat for me !!IMG_2220 IMG_2221

We do love meatballs in our house and I’d stuck with the same recipe for years. This month’s Delicious magazine contained a recipe for some meatballs with a bit of a chilli kick:IMG_2234 We had these with some pasta shells and sour cream. The cream took the edge of the chillis and as for the family’s verdict, well this is definitely a recipe I’ll be using again:IMG_2238 I’d promised my boys a while ago that the next time we had pancakes, I’d make some caramalised apples to serve with them. These were incredibly sticky but delicious too!IMG_2239 Beef Samosas were on the menu this week. They had enough warmth to be perfect on a wintery evening and I was able to hide lots of finely chopped onions, mushrooms and celery inside them which the boys knew nothing about! The main spice in these samosas is cumin, freshly roasted and ground, the smell in the kitchen was incredible:IMG_2242 Finally, today, we had yet more spices. This time it was in the form of a fish curry from the Spice Trip cookery book. The curry was delicious but the recipe did require quite a range of ingredients such as: fish; 6 limes; onion; chillies; fresh mint; fresh coriander; turmeric; salt; cumin seeds; fennel seeds; cardamom seeds; coconut; garlic and rice.  IMG_2246The curry was lovely although I’m going to have to make sure I stock up on spices for when I want to make it again.

My baking for this week came in the form of ‘Orange Fork Biscuits’ as found in Mary Berry’s baking book. These are truly incredible and alongside the meatballs are my favourite recipes from the week. They contain orange zest and whilst they are crispy on the outside, they are deliciously shortbread-like on the inside, a great weekend treat:

IMG_2245Tomorrow I’m hoping to make some ravioli, I might even make some brioche too. Have a tasty week, I’ll post some of my foodie highlights again next week, I might even do it on friday !!


6 thoughts on “Foodie Friday … a Day Late …

    • I love the sound of an ‘achievement halo’ !! Your food sounds delicious. As for finding the time, I have a very understanding family who get to eat the fruits of my labours in the kitchen. Luckily, whilst disasters obviously occur, they are not too frequent 🙂

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