Watercolour Wednesday …

To celebrate the fact that I did the school run twice on my bike today, I decided to paint my bike!! It’s a stunning bike ride to and from school, we only have to cross a couple of roads, the rest of our journey is down through parkland, along a river bank, past a weir, along the river bank again and then up and down a few short but steep hills to school. We really are very lucky and had no idea when we moved here 13 years ago, that we had this gorgeous countryside on our doorstep. My son and I have agreed that if the forecast doesn’t mention rain, we will try to cycle as it’s so much quicker than driving. Yesterday, we drove and it took us 35 minutes to travel all of 2.5 miles. Today it took us just 15 minutes on our bikes.

Anyway, here is the painting that I did today. My bike is lilac and is lovely with a great big springy saddle !! I recently bought a new basket for it and today was its inaugural outing :

Next time I might use some of the shapes within my bike, to create an abstract version.



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