A Spicy New Year’s Eve …

I caught the last episode of Spice Trip a couple of days ago (must see if I can catch the rest online). I just happened to have bought the book accompanying the series that very morning. The authors/presenters had chosen 6 ‘key’ spices and had spent time travelling to each of the countries where those spices were grown, the programme then showed how the spices were harvested and used both in culinary and pharmaceutical ways. It was a real education!

Last night, to spice up our New Year’s Eve we had the Fish curry with Cinnamon. It was absolutely delicious, the spices were flavoursome without being overpowering and they gave a real depth of flavour to the meal :

I look forward to trying some more of the recipes from this beautiful book. On a negative note, I did add a little cinnamon to my cafetière as recommended by these spice gurus but sadly it made my delicious coffee taste disgusting! I guess we all have different tastes at the end of the day.



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