Punjabi Pickle …

A couple of years ago, I made my parents and my in-laws food hampers for their Christmas presents. Each basket contained various pickles, chutneys, chocolate truffles together with wine and beer. Each week, on the monday from October, I would make something else to go in the hamper. If I had over catered, once the ‘proper’ jars and bottles had been filled, I would save that weeks’ produce for us to have on Christmas Day and beyond. I’ve decided to do something similar again this year, although not necessarily as presents.

Today, I made ‘Punjabi Pickle’ :

Punjabi PickleI used the recipe from this month’s ‘Delicious’ magazine. Not only were the spices used incredibly aromatic (crushed cardamon pods, star anise …), the combination of oranges, onions, chilli and ginger made the pickle a real tastebud tickler. I really look forward to trying this pickle with some turkey on December 25th.

Still to come this week: Beetroot Chutney and Cranberry & Clementine Marmalade…



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