Fishfest and Baking – a Recipe for a Fun Weekend …

I applaud all those who came to the Fishfest Festive Fair yesterday – the weather was foul. I’m not sure I would have braved the rain had I not been a stallholder. As it was, loads of people came and whilst most wanted to spend as little as possible, they did at least come and even in these financially difficult times, they did seem to buy from most of the stalls. I was happy with my sales and may also have an order, it was certainly worth running from the car to the hall and back again in the pouring rain, several times.

We’ve had quite a quiet and chilled out day today. We spent some time wandering around Bristol, doing a little Christmas shopping here and there. I didn’t get the urge to bake until nearly 5pm – not a good time to bake something that we would then have for dessert!! Due to lack of time and of eggs (must go food shopping tomorrow) I decided to make Viennese Fingers and Anzac Biscuits. Not a traditional combination but one which worked surprisingly well:

As you can see, the chocolate hadn’t set but we ate them nonetheless!


9 thoughts on “Fishfest and Baking – a Recipe for a Fun Weekend …

  1. Found the recipe but not your inbox Rachael. Hope it’s ok to post it here. Mix 1 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cup coconut, 1 cup brown sugar lightly packed & 1 cup plain flour. Melt 2 Tbsp golden syrup & 1/2 cup butter. Mix 1tsp carb soda with 2Tbsp boiling water. Add to melt. Add this to dry ingredients. Roll into tsp-sized balls. Baking times vary – easy to burn, but you’ll know how. Mine say 10 mins moderate oven and also 15-17 until golden (!)

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