Hollywood Star …

As in Paul Hollywood, author of the wondrous ‘How to Bake’ book. Every recipe that I’ve tried from here has worked superbly. The instructions are clear and the end results have thus far been delicious.

First off yesterday were Cheese Biscuits. I’ve made cheese straws and even cheesy feet (cheese straw dough rolled out and cut with a foot shaped cutter) but these little biscuits were in a different league. They were light, crispy and full of flavour:

For our dessert yesterday, I made a chocolate and vanilla loaf cake. This is a cake for lovers of savoury food as it was not at all sweet. It did however have lots of flavour and served with some mint choc chip ice cream, was perfect:

Today, we had pancakes. Not our usual recipe though, we tried PH’s recipe – he made his with blueberries but as we didn’t have any, we had some sliced banana instead. We’ve decided that, delicious as these were, next time we will caramelise some apples and layer them between each pancake, we will also add some crème fraîche on the side:




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