It’s Snood Time …

I knew the temperature was due to drop towards the end of this week but I had no idea that the snood that I started knitting on monday would be ready in time.

I love knitting with BIG needles, the knitting quickly grows and the end result is usually so soft and warm. My snood took just 3 days to complete with 32 stitches per row and each set of rows being either garter stitch or stocking stitch. There was a fairly random pattern of 10 rows garter stitch, 10 of stocking followed by 8 of each then 6 of each etc. I say the pattern was random because I did go wrong a couple of times!

Anyway, here it is – and it is incredibly warm:


Four 100g balls of Rowan ‘big wool’ (100% Merino Wool) were used.




7 thoughts on “It’s Snood Time …

  1. I wish I knew how to knit…I really do. I was learning how to when I was very young but that never went anywhere. Looks nice and warm : )

    • It’s fab!! I only learned to knit a couple of years ago, it really is very easy when someone shows you how or if you can learn from a book/the internet. Big knits are a great place to start as they grow so quickly – you can see what you are creating evolve before your very eyes! 🙂

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