The Beauty of Bristol …

I really do feel very lucky to live in a city as beautiful and as varied as Bristol. I began today by deciding to paint an image of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, however, Bristol is so much more than this bridge. Whilst it is beautiful, iconic even, it is only a small part of what makes Bristol great. My painting today is therefore simply entitled ‘My Family’s Bristol’ and it includes some of our favourite places:

Places include: the docks (including the cranes, the M shed and the colourful houses), the SS Great Britain, the Planetarium, @Bristol, Cabot Tower, Park Street, Colston Hall, See No Evil, Queen Square, the ‘Horny’ Bridge, Christmas Steps and the cycle path. Clifton Suspension Bridge does get a look in, to the left of the painting, our house (part of a row of terraced houses) appears on the right.

There may well need to be a part 2 to this painting as there are still lots of places that I didn’t paint!


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