Lemon Meringue Cupcakes …

The perfect antidote to the first day back at school following nearly 2 lovely weeks off! These are truly delicious, especially when the lemon curd that goes inside the cupcake, is home made.

I made lemon cupcakes this afternoon, whilst they were cooling, I made the curd. Both were left to cool to room temperature whilst I did the school run. On returning home, I scooped out the middle of each cake and filled with the lemon curd (see the second picture below). The meringue was then prepared – as the cakes were not going back in the oven, the meringue was made (carefully!) by adding a sugar and water mixture that had been allowed to boil for 10 minutes (soft ball stage) to whisked egg whites. The meringue mixture was then whipped until the bowl had cooled to barely luke warm. Once ready, the meringue was used to top off each cupcake. A blow torch was then used to give the meringue its golden colour:


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