Vanilla Toffee Treat …

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night celebration without toffee now would it?!

Using cookie sticks cut in half, I made lots of vanilla toffee lolly pops for our local firework celebration tonight. If the rain holds off it’ll be another great evening of barbecued sausages and burgers, fireworks, a huge bonfire, sparklers, a ‘guy’, toffee apples and toffee lollies. There are usually lots of people contributing food, drink and fireworks and all of the local children have a fantastic time.

And so, to the toffees:


sunflower oil for brushing the tin

125g butter, diced

200g caster sugar

75g molasses sugar

2 rounded tbsp golden syrup

pinch of salt

seeds from 1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla paste

lolly sticks

Lightly brush 3 sheets of greaseproof paper with the oil.

Set out the lolly sticks on the greaseproof paper.

Put all of the ingredients into a medium sized pan and heat gently, stir occasionally to melt the butter and sugars. Once melted, turn the heat up slightly to bring the mixture to a boil, remembering to stir occasionally. Continue to cook at a steady rate until the toffee mixture reaches 126ºC or hard ball stage.

Remove the pan from the heat. Gently pour or spoon the mixture over the tops of the lolly sticks. The toffee mixture will want to run at this point – don’t panic! This can be rectified once the mixture has cooled enough for you to handle it.

Let the toffee mixture cool slightly. Once cooled use a knife to slice the toffee in to strips, making sure there is a lolly stick in the middle of each strip of toffee. The toffee can now be moulded around the sticks.

The first photo above shows the toffee lollies once they had been moulded, they were still very sticky though so I decided to coat each one in some vanilla icing sugar. Not only has this stopped the lollies from merging with each other, it will also give the lolly licker an extra hit of vanilla, yum!!



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