Weathering the Storm …

We were incredibly lucky to have had an amazing holiday in North America during August this year. We had saved for a long time and were hopeful that the holiday would give us memories which would last us and our children, a lifetime. Our holiday surpassed our expectations on every level possible and it really saddened me today, to see the East coast of North America battered and bruised by hurricane Sandy.

I wanted to paint the Statue of Liberty again today, partly because I really wanted to have a painting to frame which would remind me of our holiday and partly so that I could spend some time thinking about our incredible trip, the places we visited and most importantly, the people we got to know and care for.

What began as a fairly bog-standard interpretation gradually became increasingly abstract the more sketches I drew. By my fourth sketch I knew that I would be painting an abstract, incorporating both Lady Liberty and hurricane Sandy, by the time I had completed my painting I dared to hope that I would have an image to frame:



4 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm …

    • Thank you for your kind comment, it’s good to know that you are ok – do you have power? We’ve been watching the storm unfold on the news here in the UK. It has looked devastating, apparently there are millions without power, I just hope the storm weakens soon.

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