Beautiful Birdcage …

I bought this about a month ago, from an antiques shop in Clifton, Bristol. I loved the intricate design and thought I could use it decoratively, at home. I’ve never had the confidence to buy anything antique before but was fairly confident that this would work. I considered threading through some battery powered fairy lights but in the end decided on candles. I’m glad I did – yesterday was the first time they were lit and they cast a beautiful light around my kitchen. We are having a full-on proper cold snap at the moment but this made our home feel cosy and snug :

I particularly like the way my butterfly cutouts are highlighted although one did make the ultimate sacrifice as it is the one attached to the very top of the cage, which became quite hot, the glue melted and it tumbled to its fiery fate!

Coincidentally, this morning when I was catching up with blogs and twitter feeds I saw Bec at Clouds of Colour’s recent post which is an ink and watercolour print of a birdcage. Take a look at her website and her etsy shop, I’m sure you’ll love them.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Birdcage …

    • It’s lovely isn’t it – a lucky find whilst browsing an antiques shop. I did start off with a large round purple candle in there but when lit, it made the cage itself ridiculously hot, switching to 3 tea lights was definitely the right thing to do 🙂

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