Tea Cakes – a Truly Testing Technique …

I’m a huge fan of ‘The Great British Bake Off’. It’s competitive baking at its best, it’s always interesting, informative and above all it’s fun. The current series has recently finished and we are now being treated to the masterclasses. During these masterclass programmes, we, the viewers are shown how to bake the various technical challenges, properly.

Instead of a birthday cake on his 12th birthday, my oldest decided that a cake would be fine for his party (which was yesterday) but on his birthday, he would like tea cakes, as seen on the aforementioned programme. Unfortunately this meant that I had to make them before seeing them done properly on the masterclass programme.

Considering that I hand whisked the meringue/marshmallow (it has to be done over simmering water, otherwise it wouldn’t be cooked) plus the fact that my silicone tin is more muffin shaped rather than domed, I think they turned out quite well:

I’m particularly pleased with the biscuits, they are crunchy without breaking up too much and they had much more flavour than shop bought digestives. The tea cake itself is incredibly sweet – too sweet even for my sweet tooth but I’ll certainly be making the biscuits again.



2 thoughts on “Tea Cakes – a Truly Testing Technique …

    • They are incredible – I need to look out for the proper mould so that they look more like they should, other than that, I was really happy with how they turned out. It is amazing what a few mundane ingredients can turn in to 🙂

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