Irresistibly Italian …

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of ‘Silver Spoon‘ for my birthday last week. It’s the kind of cookery book that I could (and will) spend hours looking through, salivating at the mere thought of cooking the recipes. There are 2000 recipes in total, it’ll take me quite some time to work through all of them. I began my marathon of Italian cooking with a couple of simple recipes.

First of all was pizza. I went to the very lovely ‘Better Food Company’ this morning to buy my ingredients, the best of which were the Milan Salami and the Organic Buffalo Mozzarella. Our pizza was delicious and the base was definitely the best pizza base I have ever made:

I am a fan of home made ice cream but the downsides are the time it takes to prepare and the fact that any sense of healthy eating goes right out the window. I was really excited to find a recipe for a frozen yogurt. Ingredients were simply natural yogurt and vanilla icing sugar. 30 minutes later, I had delicious frozen yogurt which I served with raspberries and a scattering of chocolate buttons. It was so very tasty and is without doubt something that I would happily have again and again – a virtually fat free treat:



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