A ‘Showstopper Challenge’ …

Having recently bought the Great British Bake Off Showstopper Challenge book, I thought I should have a go at one of the recipes. We have several family birthdays from the end of september to the end of october and I always try to use these as an excuse to get my parents and my in-laws together for a catch up over a long lunch. Today, they were served chilli and coriander chicken burgers (or ‘patties’, if you want to be fancy!) with tomato couscous and some home made bread. It was the bread that was the ‘challenge’ from my book. It is an 8 strand plaited loaf, something that I have never attempted before. I followed the recipe to the letter, right up to the point of plaiting, 3 attempts later, I was really struggling, so I decided to try and make it more weave-like and this is the result:

I was pleased with this result and it tasted lovely, this is definitely a recipe I’ll be using again.

To follow our main course we had several options for dessert (well, it is birthday season after all…). We could choose any combination of: home made white chocolate ice cream, mini meringues (see photo below), raspberries, whipped vanilla cream and chocolate brownies (also below).

All in all it was a lovely lunch, with even better company 🌷



4 thoughts on “A ‘Showstopper Challenge’ …

  1. Thanks rachael, the lunch was scrumptious!! We really liked your plaited loaf and the pud was to die for! Company was really good too!

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