Art Meets Food Meets Modern Tech …

Using my painting from earlier today, I’ve added my chicken burger recipe from yesterday. I’ve used istudio publisher and this is the first time I’ve managed to create something with it. Whilst not perfect by any means, I’m pleased with the result:



I must admit, it’s taken me several hours to work out

  1. how to get the text to follow the wiggly line around the cockerel
  2. how to make the line that the text followed, disappear
  3. how to get the image on to my blog 

It was the latter that took a very long time, I finally worked it out, learning about screen shots and previews in the process!


2 thoughts on “Art Meets Food Meets Modern Tech …

  1. I really like this with the words added. I am generally not one for anything hen/chicken related in the art field but I think the words really add to the painting and the color of the text works very well. Have a lovely week. God Bless

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