Feeling hot, hot hot!!

It was the Abergavenny Food Festival all  this weekend and we managed to go there today. We loved it last year and it was even better this year. The weather was kinder to us for a start and the food was even tastier! I was pleased to buy another chilli plant – the one I bought last year died about 3 months ago. It was (I think) a serrano chilli plant, the chillies started off green and then turned red before drying on the branches. When my plant was beyond help, I collected all of the dried chillies – I now have a jar of perfectly dried chillies.

Here’s the plant that I bought today:

It’s a beautiful plant – I love the look of the purple chillies. I used a couple of these, along with a chipotle chilli for our Pork Chilli tonight. I don’t think I have ever had such a tasty chilli :

We’d never had a pork chilli before – what a delicious treat we have been missing out on all these years!! I was a bit careful with the amount of chillies and chilli powder that I used , I have one child who actually ate part of a chilli from this plant raw and he loved it, I have another who prefers his food to be a little milder. Feta cheese and grated cheddar were therefore given as optional extras, the feta worked really well at toning down the kick of the chilli, tortilla wraps accompanied the chilli :



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