(Almost) Ready for a Fantastic Fishfest

It feels like an age since I even looked at WordPress, never mind posted something new. Many apologies to all those who’s lovely blogs I regularly read, like and comment on – I will catch up once Fishfest this weekend has been and gone, I promise!

Much of my time over the past couple of weeks has been taken up with the whole ‘back to school’ thing – for myself as well as my boys. Anyway we’ve all settled in well to the new school year which has left me with enough time to prepare my stock for my stall at Fishfest this coming saturday. This will only be my second arts event and I’ve been keen to ensure that I’m selling stuff that people will genuinely like and hopefully buy. I’ll therefore have a combination of original paintings plus individually painted cards which can then later be framed by their recipient, if they so wish. I’ll also have a few butterfly themed items which I hope will go down well :


8 thoughts on “(Almost) Ready for a Fantastic Fishfest

  1. Best wishes at Fishfest, I know I would honestly buy one of your cards ( and if I say I would…I mean it ). But i wouldn’t give it to anybody, I would just put it in a small frame and hang it somewhere. Collecting art from artist…: ).

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